Mark Artwork

We have created a protocol for naming all of our mark artwork. The files are placed in folders with more descriptive names
such as:

1 Penn State
2 Colleges
3 Campuses
4 Administrative/academic units

Within those folders, the individual entities— colleges, campuses, and administrative/academic units—are included.

Within those entity folders we have art for the primary horizontal marks for positive and reverse use, in these color systems: CMYK, Pantone, and RGB. Here we also include our special-use marks, such as one-color without screens.

Once you are familiar with the structure and abbreviations, this naming protocol will make finding and identifying the right file much easier.

EPS files (.eps)

These are the original master files of the logo and should be used for the generation of all new artwork files for print and electronic applications (gif, jpg, tif, png, etc.). These vector-based files can be scaled to any size without losing image quality. Always make a copy of the master art and resize to the desired size.

PNG files (.png)

These files are bitmap images and primarily used for web, PowerPoint, and web applications. PNG files may contain transparent backgrounds and can be used in programs like PowerPoint and most web browsers. Do not enlarge PNG files. If the exact size you need is not available, generate a new PNG file from the resized EPS or AI file of the logo. PNG files may be reduced without loss of resolution.

content image

All University mark artwork begins with these three letters. PSH is used for all Penn State Health mark artwork.

We use a three-letter system to represent all Penn State colleges, campuses, and administrative/academic units. 

Color formulas

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black This artwork is to be used for four-color printing

Pantone Matching System®
This artwork is to be used for match color printing. Pantone coated chips also are used as the prime source to match colors for signs, silk-screening, and thread/fabric.

Red, Green, Blue This artwork is to be used for all digital applications such as websites, PowerPoint, and avatars.

Two color

One color

287 PSU
Dark Blue

PSU Light Blue

For reverse use on a dark background

Special-use marks
The marks are intended to be used on a limited basis, explained in section 2.3.