The Penn State brand is what comes to mind for current and prospective students, alumni and friends, and faculty and staff when they hear “Penn State.” The size and scope of our university—20+ campuses in Pennsylvania, online programs, business, law, and medical schools, and global connections—make consistency in the use of our brand essential.

Informed by market research, our brand helps us as marketing communications professionals to look broadly at the University’s needs. The brand also provides a framework through which we can tailor communication to specific audiences while still conforming to a consistent and unified message.

In all communications, we strive to ensure that the University’s image reflects our mission of teaching, research, and service, as well as goals that include:

- Diversity and inclusion

- Showcasing academic research, global reach and responsibility, and a high-quality student experience

Positioning statement

Penn Staters are "inspired doers," nurtured by a culture that encourages lofty goal setting and investing the effort to achieve them. They are molded in an environment that values success, teamwork, and service to others, and are intent upon living inspired, purposeful lives.

All universities talk about producing leaders, but ask employers where they go to find individuals who inspire others, know the value of hard work, and lead by example. They find them at Penn State.

What is an “inspired doer”?

Penn State’s inspired doers combine personal ambition and perseverance with passion for a larger purpose and a commitment to service. They are focused on learning and achievement, and they are hard-working builders: of careers, families, communities, and institutions.

As a group, they are inspired by goals that bridge the divide between individual achievement and social benefit, and are strongly motivated by a sense of gratitude and a desire to give back.

The qualities and values that Penn Staters share:

  • Well-rounded
  • Optimistic
  • Can-do
  • Honest/integrity
  • Altruistic
  • Hard-working
  • Humble
  • Passionate
  • Genuine
  • Collaborative

Penn Staters are "inspired doers" nurtured by a culture that encourages lofty goal setting and investing the effort to achieve them.