Special Use Marks: Positive White Mark

For most communications needs the university mark, featuring Pantone 287 and 284, is recommended.  However, there may be a need for a mark to appear in white only.  This is often the case when purchasing merchandise, and budget restrictions may allow for only one imprint color on dark background.  

A positive white mark is available for all approved marks.  When this mark is used, the shield will be transparent and the background color will fill the shield’s space around the lion.  Because of this effect, the positive white mark may only be used on a blue, black or clear/glass background. The shield should not appear to be “filled” with any other colors. Do not attempt to create a white mark by simply assigning white to a one-color black mark.  This does not produce the correct effect.  See the example below.

Positive white marks are not downloadable from this site, however, the University’s licensed vendors will have access to these marks since the positive white marks are used mainly for merchandise.  If you need to use a positive white mark for something other than merchandise, contact University Marketing at 814-863-1870.