Special-use Marks: Shield Alone

The horizontal mark with two colors, as shown here, is our primary mark and is used in the majority of applications. Special-use marks have an important but limited use.

In general, the shield should not be used without the logotype. However, for certain merchandise, such as a pin, the use of the shield alone is appropriate. For units who wish to have a pin with their unit name included, a special pin template has been designed that preserves the shield's visual integrity. Contact University Marketing for more information at 814-863-1870.

The shield also is used alone as our social media avatar. Although our logotype is not used in these applications, our name does appear in close proximity.

The schematic folder cover demonstrates another opportunity to use the shield alone large as a graphic element. This design approach is only to be used when our full mark appears on the same surface. When using the sheild as a graphic element the artistic effect should not alter the color or prevent the lion from being recognizable.

Never redraw or try to recreate our mark, including our shield or logotype. Any modification of our mark diminishes its impact and weakens our legal protection. Only authorized artwork may be used.

Primary horizontal, two-color mark

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Special-use marks

Shield, for use alone

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Shield used as an avatar for social media

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Shield used as graphic element with full mark

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