Special-use Marks: Social Media Avatars

The Penn State shield is used for all social media avatars followsing our consistent approach to brand architecture. All academic and administrative units of the University will use the same avatar. This includes campuses, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers, other locations, and administrative offices.

Unique avatars for special events or programs affiliated with Penn State should not be used. The avatar may not be used for personal webpages.

The shield shape with the focus on our Lion’s head and face is very effective for use as an avatar. It reinforces and strengthens our brand presence. Although there are different limitations regarding name length across social media sites, there is always an opportunity to include the specific names of entities. Our preferred name use is with Penn State as the base name, as shown here:

- Penn State Abington

- Penn State College of Arts and Architecture

For social media sites, such as Twitter, it may be necessary to restrict the length of the name, as indicated here:

- Penn State College of Nursing

- Penn State Nursing

- PSU Nursing

Avatar use in square

content image

We are providing avatar artwork for the following social media sites as jpegs in the pixel sizes indicated:

180 x 180

500 x 500

400 x 400

250 x 250

250 x 250

250 x 250

800 x 800

165 x 165

250 x 250

PNG without containing shape

Avatar use in circle

content image

The artwork has been designed to provide an optimal size for large use on the primary site and in small sizes for individual posts.

For certain sites, such as Google+, it also is possible to use the avatar without a containing shape and a clear background.

For questions about the use of the avatar and other identity matters, please contact:
Joan Scholton, Assistant Director, University Identity System and Engagement, 814-863-1870, sjs22@psu.edu.

Avatar without background for Google+

content image

General social media questions can be directed to socialmediaoffice@psu.edu.