Special-use Marks: Vertical Marks

The horizontal mark with two colors, as shown here, is our primary mark and is used in the majority of applications. Special-use marks have an important but limited use.

We have two vertical or centered marks. There are situations where a formal center axis design, or narrow vertical space restrictions may require the use of a vertical mark.

There are other situations where the mark is used alone on an application such as a folder cover, sweatshirt, or cap. In these cases, a vertical mark may be more effective.

In the horizontal mark and vertical mark 1, the size relationship between the shield and the logotype are the same.

On our vertical mark 2, the logotype is smaller and above our shield. This allows for a larger, more powerful use of the shield. This version is very effective on some products and merchandise. This mark also can be useful when the width is restricted, as in a banner.

The entity marks for our campus, college, and administrative/academic units do not have vertical marks. These marks should not be reconfigured as vertical marks. When placing copy or titls near a vertical mark, be sure to leave the required clear space around the mark. See Correct Mark Use: minimum clear space.

Never redraw or try to recreate our mark, including our shield or our logotype. Any modification of our mark diminishes its impact and weakens our legal protection. Only authorized artwork may be used.

Primary horizontal, two-color mark

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Special-use marks

Vertical mark 1

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Vertical mark 2

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Vertical mark 2 on banner

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