University Mark

Our University (or academic) mark is Penn State's institutional logo, and represents the university in its entirety.

The mark is used to identify everything we communicate through our website, print communications, presentations, social media sites, and signs. Having a clear and consistent visual identity helps build greater recognition for and awareness of our University and our many colleges, campuses, and administrative/academic units.

The two-color mark shown here is the preferred color version and should be used wherever possible.

In our visual identity architecture, this mark is referred to as the primary horizontal mark. The logotype is one of the core components of our mark. It is a custom-drawn logotype inspired by slab serif typefaces. It is a clear and strong expression of our name. As in our previous mark, we have brought Penn and State together as a single expression. The use of the capital P and S ensures legibility. This design provides a useful distinction from the convention of using all capital classic serif typefaces for universities.

Using a common vocabulary facilitates the use of our University mark, which is composed of our shield and logotype. For communication ease, we will refer to the academic mark as “our” mark. We will also refer to “our” shield and logotype.

Never redraw or try to recreate our mark, including our shield or our logotype. Any modification of our mark diminishes its impact and weakens our legal protection. Only authorized artwork may be used.

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University Seal

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Intercollegiate Athletics Logo

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The mark does not replace the University seal or the Intercollegiate Athletics logo; they will continue to be used as they are currently permitted.